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  • The driving force behind the Avnet Design Center of Excellence in San Jose2:07

    The driving force behind the Avnet Design Center of Excellence in San Jose

    Rich Nass, Executive Vice President of Embedded Computing Design, interviews Scott MacDonald, Global Vice President of Integrated Solutions with Avnet about the makings of Avnet's Design Center of Exc

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  • Dealing with high-def, low-delay, SDR-based video transmissions

    Dealing with high-def, low-delay, SDR-based video transmissions

    Integrated RF agile transceivers are not only widely employed in software-defined radio architectures in cellular telephone base stations, but also for wireless HD video transmission.

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  • An IoT-based smart parking system saves time and money

    The smart parking system is helping cities, hotels, airports, movie theatres, commercial complexes, and shopping centers optimize vehicle parking in real time.

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  • Rugged Chassis and Enclosures

    MicroMax has designed an assortment of rugged metalwork chassis for mission critical systems. Capable of dissipating a substantial amount of heat, our chassis are able to house systems with...

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  • Barr Group Discounts Embedded Software Training in a Box(tm) Course

    Barr Group's Embedded Software Training in a Box(tm) do-it-yourself course is available at a $50 discount through December 31, 2017.

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  • New OpenVPX Card Guides From Pixus Technologies

    Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has announced new card guides designed for OpenVPX systems. The card guides facilitate the unique offset spacing of...

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  • 2018 is the year of the user

    We don't read manuals anymore. The products need to learn how to use the user, not the other way around.

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  • Enabling machine learning in industrial systems

    Keep track of multiple sensors distributed within the assembly line, combine their outputs at an overall factory controlling point, and adjust parameters in the assembly line if necessary.

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  • Bluetooth mesh can result in a smarter industrial environment

    Bluetooth mesh can result in a smarter industrial environment

    The long-awaited Bluetooth mesh networking technology is now available. It adds industrial grade, secure mesh networking to the list of existing Bluetooth networking topologies.

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  • Embedded Tools provider Ashling joins RISC-V Foundation

    Ashling Microsystems Limited, a leading supplier of high-performance embedded software and hardware tools, today announced that it has joined the RISC-V Foundation, a non-profit corporation...

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  • Avnet Expands Commitment to Technology Innovation with First Americas-Based Design Center of Excellence

    State-of-the-art facility focuses on design and engineering, bringing continued support to all stages of the product lifecycle

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  • Wibu-Systems introduces secure password management for Siemens' TIA Portal

    Wibu-Systems has developed a password provider for the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal V14 SP1 or higher of Siemens based on their Password API.

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  • Digitizers allow fast and easy signal processing with new SCAPP Option

    The Spectrum CUDA Access for Parallel Processing driver opens an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful way to digitize, process and analyze electronic signals.

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  • Industrial-temp Mini PCIe GPS module ups accuracy

    VersaLogic's GE is a long-life module that handles high-precision positioning.

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  • TAICENN New Released Open Frame P-cap. Touch Industrial Display

    TAICENN TM-OCXXX for Industrial Vending machine, POS and ATM systems...

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  • More than mobile: MIPI moves on ADAS, other automotive interfaces

    More than mobile: MIPI moves on ADAS, other automotive interfaces

    Matt Ronning and Uwe Beutnagel-Buchner of the MIPI Alliance’s Automotive Birds of a Feather Group discuss how the family of interface standards has evolved and their value prop for next-gen vehicles.

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