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  • Embedded Insiders Podcast – A new direction for Arduino

    Embedded Insiders Podcast – A new direction for Arduino

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  • The power of intelligence at the edge

    To support the exponential growth in data collection, IoT networks of the future must adopt a decentralized architecture in which processing of raw data begins not in the cloud, but at the edge.

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  • RISC-V Takes a Big Step Forward with Microsemi’s Ecosystem

    Microsemi announced a hardware-software ecosystem for the RISC-V ISA.

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  • Basic principles of voice UI

    The efficacy of a voice recognition system depends on a microphone array and collection of algorithms that allows the array to focus on the user’s voice and reject unwanted noises.

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  • Samsung’s Artik Secure IoT Modules Deliver Device-to-Cloud Protection

    Artik IoT platform now supports a secure device-to-cloud link.

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  • Qoitech Tool Helps Increase Battery Life of IoT Devices

    Qoitech’s Otii solution is a developer tool for energy optimization. The tool is easy to use, requires minimal setup, and lets developers measure and analyze energy use at any stage of development.

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  • Linux Tiny Box PCs: Quad-core i.MX6 Dual Lite

    Kingdy's new ultra - compact tiny embedded platform for space limited solution, based on the ARM Cortex-A9TM iMX6 Dual Lite / Quad Core processor,delivers optimum I/O design for maximum...

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  • Laird Brings Bluetooth v4.2 Dual-Mode Connectivity to Updated Line of HCI Modules

    The new BT850, BT851, and BT860 series complements Laird's original BT8x0 series of Dual-Mode Bluetooth v4.0 modules.

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  • OmniVision Taps into NIR for Machine- and Night-Vision Apps

    OmniVision Taps into NIR for Machine- and Night-Vision Apps

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  • CEVA and Brodmann17 Partner to Deliver 20 Times more AI Performance for Edge Devices

    Combination of CEVA-XM imaging and vision platform and Brodmann17's deep learning technology brings ultra-low power deep learning vision to smartphones, drones, cars, surveillance cameras and more

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  • Huber Signal Processing Announces the RFA 600, a Highly Linear RF Precision Amp

    HUBER SIGNAL PROCESSING extends its test & measurement product line with the RF precision amplifier RFA 600.

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  • Fujitsu D3598-B ATX Mainboard Packs Intel Xeon W Processors to Satisfy Demanding Apps

    - Fujitsu introduces longer availability D3598-B ATX mainboard for professional workstations and high performance PCs, built with powerful Intel(r) Xeon W processors for LGA2066 sockets -...

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  • Mid-range FPGAs make no excuses for design and data security

    A new-class of mid-range FPGAs incorporate an alphabet soup of features for design and data security. No more excuses.

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  • Sound is getting smarter, from voice activation to spatial audio

    Sound is getting smarter, from voice activation to spatial audio

    Thanks to smart speakers and other voice activated devices, you’re likely comfortable talking to your devices. What about the use of language-translating earphones while traveling abroad?

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  • Mission ready systems delivering on the promise of COTS

    Mission ready systems delivering on the promise of COTS

    The Lightning platform is a revolutionary response to a problem that has thus far proven to be intractable by our industry: how to substantially reduce the lead times for custom systems.

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  • Using software to find hardware bugs

    Using software to find hardware bugs

    There is one basic law of CPU design, and it applies to everything from microprocessors to microcontrollers to system-on-chips: software always uncovers hardware bugs.

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  • Five Minutes with…Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO, Data I/O

    Five Minutes with…Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO, Data I/O

    Everybody who builds an IoT platform says they’re concerned with security. But are they really? While there is lots of lip service paid to security, whether developers are going it its appropriate...

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  • The role of heterogeneous systems

    The role of heterogeneous systems

    As transistors continue to shrink, new challenges appear which make it harder for the industry to continue progressing at this speed.

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  • CommAgility processing module adds flexible RapidIO to increase bandwidth

    High performance DSP in AMC form factor

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  • CEVA and LG Electronics Partner for Smart 3D Camera Solution

    LG's high-performance 3D camera module utilizes Rockchip RK1608 with multi-core CEVA-XM4 vision DSPs to process a range of advanced workloads - including Simultaneous Localization and Mapping...

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