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  • How 5G will Affect the Internet of Things

    The real benefits of 5G may be in new wireless applications that don’t quite exist yet as well as replacing traditionally wired networks with the flexibility of wireless.

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  • MPS’ MPM3811 is the industry’s smallest 1 A power module in a 2 mm x 2 mm x 1.6 mm QFN package.

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  • Texas Instruments’ new Ethernet PHYs hit the Market

    Transceivers include the smallest, lowest-power Ethernet PHY and the highest temperature-rated device for copper and fiber media.

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  • Hex Five and wolfSSL Release First Secure IoT Stack for RISC-V

    Secure implementation of freeRTOS with wolfSSL TLS 1.3 and hardware-enforced separation between OS, TCP/IP stack and root of trust.

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  • 5 Special Registers That Have Transformed Today’s SoCs

    In this article, we’ll cover five widely used special registers, namely; Alias, Shadow, Indirect, Lock, and Trigger-Buffer Registers.

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  • Automotive Embedded Systems – Lots of Standards

    The auto industry has a complex supply chain, so compliance with standards is easier to manage than individual, very detailed specifications.

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  • Insider: Embedded Software - Squeezing the Most Out of Low Power Modes

    The simplest application of power modes is that when a system is idle, you put it to Sleep. Today’s MCUs, however, offer multiple low power modes, further complicating low power design.

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  • AKM’s AK4331ECB advanced, low-power, 32-bit stereo DAC includes a built-in amp and SRC.

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  • Deep learning inference at the edge

    Deep learning inference at the edge

    VPU accelerator in PCIe expansion card format for acceleratiing deep learning inference at the edge.

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  • Why You Didn't Get the RTOS Business
    & Other Software Stories

    By Colin Walls
  • ELISA Project Launched by The Linux Foundation Will Support Linux In Safety-Critical Systems

    Arm, BMW Car IT GmbH, KUKA, Linutronix, and Toyota join ELISA project to advance open source functional safety across transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy industries.

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  • The IoT, Defined

    By Gene Frantz
  • Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Releases White Paper on Automated Frequency Coordination

    Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s (DSA) has released a new policy research report titled, Automated Frequency Coordination: An Established Tool for Modern Spectrum Management.

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  • Embedded World 2019 Highlights - Part Three

    Embedded World was a showcase of all of the forces driving the marketplace and product development.

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  • ICP Releases DevKit for Inference at the Edge

    Industrial Computer Products (ICP) released edge hardware featuring high-performance, flexible expansions and pre-installed ready-to-use software tools.

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  • Pixus Announces New Thick and Rugged Faceplates For Embedded Boards

    Pixus Announces New Thick and Rugged Faceplates For Embedded Boards

    Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has released new OpenVPX faceplates for rugged applications.

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  • Embedded Insiders Talk All Things APEC

    Embedded Insiders Talk All Things APEC

    APEC 2019 is happening March 17-21 in Anaheim, CA. The Embedded Insiders’ very own Alix Paultre, a seasoned veteran of the power electronics industry, will be attending the Applied Power...

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  • congatec presents SMARC 2.0 Quick Starter Kit for NXP i.MX 8 designs

    congatec presents SMARC 2.0 Quick Starter Kit for NXP i.MX 8 designs

    Everything you need to evaluate the new best in class NXP i.MX 8 QuadMax processors

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  • IAR DevCon – Free developer conference for embedded/IoT engineers. Coming to a city near you!

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  • Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT Platform Crypto Library Achieves FIPS 140-2 Certification

    X-Ware IoT Platform NetX Crypto Library helps secure sensitive government, financial, and healthcare data.

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  • Cirrus Logic Introduces Smart, Low-Power Audio Amplifier

    New Cirrus Logic CS35L41 Smart Power Amplifier features enhanced audio clarity, advanced battery management and 55nm process design for enriched speaker listening experience.

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  • and NetApp showcase integrated AI Solution at Nvidia's GTC 2019 conference partners with NetApp to showcase an integrated AI solution at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference 2019 located in San Jose, California from March 17-19.

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  • Cincoze Launches DC-1200, A Compact Fanless Computer Powered by Intel Pentium N4200 Processor

    Cincoze Launches DC-1200, A Compact Fanless Computer Powered by Intel Pentium N4200 Processor

    Offering Easy Configurations to Meet Application-specific Requirements

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  • Microchip’s New Development Board for Cloud IoT Core Connects PIC MCU Applications to Google Cloud Within Minutes

    Solution enables large ecosystem of PIC MCU applications to easily add secure cloud connectivity to next-generation designs.

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  • Litmus Automation Partners with Siemens to Join MindSphere Partner Program

    LoopEdge is integrated with MindSphere to collect and manage industrial device data.

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