OmniVision Releases Image Sensor with Tiny BSI Global Shutter Pixel

September 3, 2019 Laura Dolan

OmniVision Technologies, Inc.’s new OG01A is the smallest pixel size of 2.2 microns for a backside-illuminated (BSI), global shutter (GS) image sensor. The OG01A links PureCel Plus-S pixel technology and Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technology for applications that require global shutter to to offset the effects of motion blur and low- or no-light conditions.

The OG01A:

  • is made for multiple machine-vision applications such as AR/VR headsets, drones, robots and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • is also used for facial authentication in smartphones and automotive in-cabin driver state monitoring and eye tracking
  • offers 1280x1024 resolution at 120 frames per second (fps) and 640x480 resolution at 240 fps
  • has a high shutter efficiency that yields cleaner motion capture and a high dynamic range
  • has low-light sensitivity with much lower gain than the common 3.0-micron pixel size for an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio

“The OG01A has the industry’s smallest global shutter pixel and provides the best NIR performance in a GS sensor,” said OmniVision’s senior staff marketing manager for the security and emerging segments, Devang Patel. “There is a growing need for global shutter technology to accurately capture images of moving objects, along with excellent NIR performance and small size, in camera applications such as AR/VR headsets, drones, robots and smartphones. The OG01A delivers the industry’s best combination of features for these applications.” 

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