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  • C&K Adds Low-Cost 10mm Rotary DIP Switches for Address Switching, Data Storage and Instrumentation Applications

    C&K Adds Low-Cost 10mm Rotary DIP Switches for Address Switching, Data Storage and Instrumentation Applications

    The CRE series is available with a number of different actuators, including flush, extended and protrusion screw types, giving customers increased flexibility.

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  • CUI's IP-rated audio solutions offer IP ratings up to IP68, 4 mm diameters, and 1.5 mm depths.

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  • ISELED Alliance Continues to Grow

    Support from many industrial sectors significantly expands the potential of innovative LED technology.

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  • AKHAN Semi Obtains Key Patent for Diamond Semiconductor Materials in Korea

    AKHAN Semiconductor announced the issuance of a patent by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, covering a method for the fabrication of diamond semiconductor materials.

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  • ROHM’s Automotive-Grade Backlight LED Driver Optimized for LCD Panels

    ROHM’s Automotive-Grade Backlight LED Driver Optimized for LCD Panels

    ROHM’s BD81A76EFV-M driver IC for LEDs is optimized for LCD backlighting in instrument clusters, center information displays, and car navigation.

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  • R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz doubles maximum bandwidth to 16 GHz

    With new 13 GHz and 16 GHz models, the R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope family is now scalable from the 4 GHz minimum up to the full 16 GHz bandwidth.

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  • Fischer Freedom’s major extensions enable versatile innovations in connectivity

    Nine new products now add to the capability of the Fischer FreedomTM Series to serve as a technology platform in connectivity.

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  • Avnet to Acquire Witekio, Enhancing End-to-End IoT Strategy with Deep Embedded Software Expertise

    Acquisition strengthens software and IoT capabilities at device level.

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  • Lutron Joins Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors

    Lighting and Shading Control Leader Supports Continued Exploration and Development of IoT Standards for Residential and Commercial Products.

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  • Five IoT Startups emerge and grow from Sigfox Hacking House Program

    Companies to address critical urban mobility, medical device and water safety challenges with IoT innovations.

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  • Desoutter Streamlines the Digital Transformation with CodeMeter Protection and Licensing Technology

    Desoutter redesigns its business strategy in line with Industry 4.0 principles.

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  • TT Electronics enters into alliance with Coakley, Boyd and Abbett

    Leading electronics manufacturers’ representative firm extends U.S. reach of TT’s Power Partners branded medical and industrial power conversion products.

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  • Matson Logistics Deploys BlackBerry Radar Asset Tracking to Improve Container Utilization and Shipment Visibility for Customers

    Product Features Showcased on Large “Powered by BlackBerry Radar” Decals Affixed to Containers.

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  • IAR DevCon – Free developer conference for embedded/IoT engineers. Coming to a city near you!

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  • ITTIA Database Now Supports NXP’s Latest 64-bit Arm Processors with Real-Time Functionality

    Data processing, analysis, security & distribution will play an important role in architecting Internet of Things systems, where applications must stream and manage a large quantity of real time data.

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  • Bluetooth Modules Pick Wireless Partners to Diversify IoT Designs

    Complementing popular short-range wireless technologies to offer more comprehensive IoT design solutions.

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  • Western Digital Releases New Storage for IoT

    Western Digital Releases New Storage for IoT

    Smart factories and IoT devices benefit from reliable, low-power storage solutions built to thrive in varied environments.

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  • Nichia and Infineon Develop HD Micro-LED Matrix Solution for Adaptive Driving Beams

    Nichia Corporation and Infineon Technologies are developing a high-definition (HD) light engine with more than 16,000 micro-LEDs for front light applications.

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  • Elektrobit Contributes Software Creation for EV Automaker Weltmeister Motor

    Software leader’s ability to scale enables new Chinese automaker to bring its first electric vehicle to market within tight timeline.

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  • ams Releases TMD2635, the World’s Smallest Digital Proximity Sensor Module

    New TMD2635 from ams occupies a volume of just 1mm3 proximity detection triggers to help extend longer listening between battery charges.

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  • Sensera Joins Forces with Autodesk to Present 3D IoT Positioning Solution

    Autodesk selects Sensera to demonstrate its real-time 3D location services and smart sensor visualization at Autodesk’s Boston Technology Center as part of its Residency Program.

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  • The IoT, Defined

    By Gene Frantz
  • Why You Didn't Get the RTOS Business
    & Other Software Stories

    By Colin Walls
  • Why is Long-Term Availability Important?

    The demand from customers for long-term availability remains unchanged. This is especially problematic for the military, medical and industrial sectors.

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