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  • Dev Kit Weekly Raffle: Enter to Win

    Dev Kit Weekly Raffle: Enter to Win

    The Dev Kit Weekly with Embedded Computing Design Editor-in-Chief Brandon Lewis updates you on the latest electronics development kits – and gives you a chance to start engineering on them for free.

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  • MPS DC-DC power modules integrate the maximum number of components in a single package.

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  • Melexis Claims Smallest Medical-Grade FIR Sensor

    Melexis announced the smallest SMT medical-grade FIR sensor, targeting wearables such as advanced in-ear-devices and clinical point-of-care applications.

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  • KEMET’s METCOM SMD Inductors Increase Power Density and Efficiency

    KEMET launched the METCOM family of SMD metal composite power inductors, developed for more efficient DC-DC switching power supplies and other power-related applications including EMI filtering.

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  • Bridgetek Enhances EVE Toolchain

    Bridgetek helps simplify human machine interface (HMI) development, by broadening the scope of the toolchain that accompanies its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) product portfolio.

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  • Brewer Science Expands Printed Electronics Capabilities

    Brewer Science (BSI) is expanding its printed electronics program to incorporate service capabilities, categorized into three major core competencies: printing, electronics and software.

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  • STMicro Automotive Switching Regulator Supports Wide-Input Voltages, Multiple Reliability Features

    With a maximum input voltage of 61V, the A7987 can be driven by 24V batteries while an adjustable output from 0.8V can deliver up to 3A for a wide variety of loads.

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  • Infineon Type 4A, 4B NFC Reference Tags Approved by NFC Forum

    Infineon Type 4A, 4B NFC Reference Tags Approved by NFC Forum

    Based on the SECORA Pay security solution, the tags will be introduced at this month’s NFC Forum Member Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany.

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  • Why You Didn't Get the RTOS Business
    & Other Software Stories

    By Colin Walls
  • Knowles Launched AISonic for Mobile, Ear and IoT Devices

    First processor specifically designed for advanced audio and machine learning applications, enhancing power-efficient intelligence and privacy at the network’s edge.

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  • The IoT, Defined

    By Gene Frantz
  • With Map in Hand, Machine Learning is the Next Stop

    While machine learning is still relatively new to the embedded computing space, each of the major processor vendors has its own methodology for implementing machine learning.

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  • Keeping Pace with the Evolution of Standards

    One of the challenges standards bodies face is balancing the cost of managing a standard with access to the standard.

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  • IAR Systems Announces IAR DevCon 2019 Dates and Locations

    IAR Systems is following up on the successful introduction of the developers conference IAR DevCon last year by presenting IAR DevCon 2019.

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  • Designated Driver is First Teleoperation Provider in AutonomouStuff’s Open Autonomy Pilot Program

    Designated Driver will enable the AutonomouStuff research team to gather data on teleoperations, which will allow them to develop more advanced functionalities for autonomous driving.

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  • OpenSystems Media Teams with IAR Systems for Second Year of Global IAR DevCon Series

    OpenSystems Media is once again partnering with IAR Systems to develop and host the 2019 Global IAR DevCon Series.

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  • X-FAB introduces highly-sensitive 180nm SPAD and APD devices

    The low breakdown voltage (<20V) facilitates their incorporation onto customer dies. As integral parts of the X-FAB design kit, they are fully characterized, and can be combined with other features.

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  • IAR DevCon – Free developer conference for embedded/IoT engineers. Coming to a city near you!

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  • OmniVision Expands Nyxel NIR and ULL Sensor Resolution to 4 MP

    OmniVision Expands Nyxel NIR and ULL Sensor Resolution to 4 MP

    OmniVision Technologies released the OS04A10, a 2.9-micron pixel image sensor with 4-megapixel (MP) resolution, adding to the Nyxel family of near-infrared (NIR) and ultra-low light (ULL) sensors.

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  • UnitedSiC Adds 4-Lead Kelvin Device to UF3C FAST FET Series

    UnitedSiC expanded its UF3C FAST series product with a 1200V high-performance SiC FET device in a TO-247-4L 4-leaded Kelvin Sense discrete package option.

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  • Video Highlights from IoT Event LoRaWAN Live! 2019 In Berlin

    Video Highlights from IoT Event LoRaWAN Live! 2019 In Berlin

    The recent LoRaWAN Live! Event in Berlin, Germany underscored the vitality and excitement of the wireless IoT industry.

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  • Bitcoin Technology is Poised to Change IoT Security

    As more IoT devices come online, consumers will want to be assured their devices are secure. Blockchain may be part of the fortification of consumer confidence.

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  • Bridgetek Enhances EVE Toolchain

    A core aspect of this toolchain is the EVE Asset Builder (EAB), a conversion utility that makes HMI construction much more straightforward as users do not need to remember command line options.

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  • Industrial Internet Consortium Launches Maturity Assessment Explorer Tool

    Part of the IIC Resource Hub, the web-based tool highlights best practices that could be adopted by an organization while calling out areas of deficiency through a range of questions.

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  • Energy Management: The Internet of Things Changes Everything

    Monitoring energy usage across your whole organization is a daunting task and often ends up in an excess of data. In today's connected world, the energy future will be inexorably linked to IoT.

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