OmniVision Launches 48 Megapixel, 0.8 Micron Image Sensor

June 17, 2019 Laura Dolan

OmniVision’s OV48B is the company’s first 48-megapixel (MP) image sensor with a 0.8-micron pixel size for high resolution smartphone cameras in a ½-inch optical format offering leading edge still image capture and video functionality for mainstream and high-end smartphones.

The OV48B features:

  • Digital crop zoom and a CPHY interface
  • Integrates an on-chip 4-cell color filter array and hardware re-mosaic, offering high quality, 48 MP Bayer output in real time
  • Can use near-pixel binning to output a 12 MP image with four times the sensitivity in low light conditions
  • Captures the best quality images sans motion blur and enables digital crop zoom with 12 MP resolution and fast mode switch
  • Can be used with a wide field-of-view and a CPHY interface for dual- and tri-camera configurations with dedicated wide- and ultrawide-angle capabilities
  • Features both DPHY and CPHY MIPI interfaces, which enables fast frame rates using fewer pins
  • Has 2x2 microlens phase detection autofocus (ML-PDAF) to increase accuracy

“Consumers continue to demand ever-higher resolution in high end and mainstream mobile phones,” said OmniVision’s, senior marketing manager, Arun Jayaseelan. “The OV48B features premium resolution and image quality that is ideal for both high end and mainstream smartphones. Its 0.8-micron pixels provide 48 MP resolution in the industry’s smallest die size, enabling a 1/2" optical format.”

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