Groupe PSA Delivers Real-Time CO2 Testing via GigaSpaces' InsightEdge

June 11, 2020 Tiera Oliver

GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, announced that Groupe PSA has launched a digital application to calculate the CO2 emissions of each personalized car configuration in real-time to meet the World Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) standard.  

The solution, powered by GigaSpaces InsightEdge, delivers a 15-19 milliseconds query and analytics response time handling up to 95.2% of calculation requests without accessing the mainframe. According to the company, infrastructure footprint was reduced by a factor of 4-6X while scale was increased by 20X. The solution was developed and deployed in production in 12 weeks.

To comply with WLTP standard, Groupe PSA needed to calculate CO2 emissions based on their customers’ configuration of features selected using the PSA online application. The calculations required a less than 100 millisecond response time to deliver the expected user experience. The existing mainframe solution could not deliver on the requests per second requirement which was 15 times more than its performance capacity.

PSA conducted a study on various technical solutions, but the competitive solutions were limited by storing data solely on a key value store which could not meet the performance requirements due to the need to frequently access the mainframe to execute complex queries and analytics.

GigaSpaces InsightEdge data and analytics platform was implemented to resolve the mainframe bottleneck problem by seamlessly offloading requests to its core in-memory data grid engine 

Unlike a standard database, GigaSpaces InsightEdge co-locates data and business logic in the same memory space, which according to the company, delivers performance and reduces network costs. The cloud native in-memory computing solution supports event driven advanced queries and analytics and aggregation and masking capabilities.

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