Aldec Adds Customizable Tool Qualification Data Package to ALINT-PRO for DO-254 Projects

July 2, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Aldec has added a customizable tool qualification data package to ALINT-PRO, designed to save users time when qualifying the tool's use in projects requiring Design Assurance Levels (DAL) A and B under DO-254 guidance.

Avionics system manufacturers using complex devices such as FPGAs must meet specific RTCA/DO-254 process objectives in order to receive system approval. DO-254 recommends that applicants define and follow HDL coding standards commensurate to the complexity of the FPGA design. It is allowed, and even suggested by the DO-254 Users Group, that linting tools be used to enforce HDL coding standards automatically.

The only requirement for DAL A and B is that the user must prove verification tools such as linters will detect errors in the design and functionally behave as intended. Following the Tool Assessment and Qualification process described under RTCA/DO-254 guidance, Aldec has enabled users to implement and run the Basic Tool Qualification process.

Aldec now offers the complete and customizable qualification package for the Basic Tool Qualification process.

The data package is customizable which means it is prepared to suit user requirements and designed to prove that ALINT-PRO can enforce the user's chosen coding standard, either the one included in ALINT-PRO or one the user has mapped into the tool. The package includes an automated test suite and  documentation. The only work the user needs do is to run the test suite in its intended environment and complete the documentation with tests result and environment information.

Aldec continues to support DO-254 users in this area by providing the independent assessment path and tool qualification data packages for all of its tools used for DO-254 compliance including code coverage, HDL simulation, hardware test platforms, and now linting with best-practice HDL coding standards.

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