Wibu-Systems and CodeLock Combine Technologies to Provide a Robust Digital Document Protection Solution

July 23, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Wibu-Systems and CodeLock have joined forces for CodeLock to offer an encryption tool that provides a way to secure valuable documents and sensitive digital information traveling across disparate mail servers. With the use of CodeLock's Encrypter tool and Wibu-Systems' encryption technology, documents are protected prior to transmission across the Internet.
With Encrypter, users drag and drop a file into the app, in any file format (e.g. ZIP, DOC, XLS, PDF, JPEG, etc.), provide a password, and the file is encrypted. The decryption process follows a similar workflow. Users can also encrypt plain text for the secure transmission of information such as passwords or financial data. The decryption key is secure and only users, or their authorized recipients, have access to it.
Encrypted files can be securely stored on the user's local computer, on external drives such as USB memory sticks or removable media or can be archived into any cloud storage solution. Moreover, these encrypted files can be sent to clients and customers via any email client, providing security and confidentiality for sensitive data. Upon receipt of an encrypted file, the receiver must then use Encrypter to decrypt the file, using dual authentication and randomly generated passwords.

The Encrypter software package itself is protected by Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology and its licenses are associated with secure containers, either a device-bound file (CmActLicense) or a dongle-bound unit (CmDongle), which also allows for encryption keys of the protected software to be stored independently of the user's device. With both container variants, encryption keys can be stored offline, an additional bonus for the user. Alternatively, a cloud license (CmCloud) can be used with the encryption keys bound and stored in the cloud, requiring no physical licenses. According to the company, all these licenses ensure that the Encrypter software is protected and can only be accessed by authorized users.

For more information, visit: https://www.wibu.com/us

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