Percepio Launches DevAlert Cloud Service for Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics of Deployed IoT Devices

March 5, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Percepio announced DevAlert, a cloud service for IoT product organizations that provides awareness of firmware problems in deployed devices and visual diagnostic information to speed resolution. 

Percepio DevAlert, which during its beta-testing period was known as Device Firmware Monitor, is cloud service that works with AWS IoT Core and supports FreeRTOS, and ThreadX-based firmware. Support for other RTOSes available on demand. DevAlert comprises three Percepio components:

  • Classification Engine 
  • Firmware Agent 
  • Percepio Tracealyzer   


For more information on Percepio's Tracealyzer tool, watch:

Available in March

DevAlert will be available on 16 March 2020 through Percepio’s worldwide distributor network.

For more information, visit

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