Fujitsu Releases Wirepas Mesh IoT Front-End Devices for IoT Applications

April 30, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Fujitsu Component America, Inc. has released a series of battery-powered Wirepas Mesh technology mesh units and mesh-sensor units. According to the company, the devices simplify the construction of large-scale decentralized networks to allow ideal IoT solutions for position tracking and sensor data collection.

In addition to deploying large-scale networks, the mesh units (FWM8BLZ07P) and mesh-sensor units (FWM8BLZ07Y) enable networks with interference tolerance channel selection, transmitting power control, and autonomous network rerouting capability. If the network environment changes, adds and/or removes the end device, or if a device failure occurs, the mesh topology and protocols will reconfigure the mesh network. According to the company, a security key ensures a secure communication environment throughout the network.

The FWM8BLZ07P mesh unit is ideal for wide-area asset tracking. It features a long-sleep mode and an integrated sensor that wakes up only if certain events, like shock, are detected. This function further conserves energy because communication begins only when needed.

The multi-function FWM8BLZ07Y mesh-sensor unit incorporates a combination of temperature, humidity, air pressure, illuminance, 3-axis acceleration, and sound-level sensors. This makes it adaptable for a variety of sensor data collection systems with scalable mesh topology. Since the sensor data paths through the mesh network topology, the end-node's placement is not limited by the gateway's location.

Both mesh units are based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoC and measure a compact, 40.0 x 31.0 x 12.0 mm within a gray, plain housing, adaptable for many applications. They use a single CR2450 coin-cell battery and include a voltage notification function, which senses a voltage drop in the battery and allows users to determine the right timing for replacement.

The mesh and mesh sensor units and position tracking support software are available immediately. 

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