Todd Mozer

Todd Mozer is the CEO of Sensory. He holds over a dozen patents in speech technology and has been involved in previous startups that reached IPO or were acquired by public companies. Todd holds an MBA from Stanford University, and has technical experience in machine learning, semiconductors, speech recognition, computer vision, and embedded software.

  • Voice assistant battles, part three: The challenges

    It’s not easy to be a retailer today when more and more people are turning to Amazon for shopping. And why not shop online?

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  • Smart speakers coming from all over

    Amazon, Google, Sonos, and LINE all introduced smart speakers within a few weeks of each other.

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  • Alexa on batteries: A life-changing door just opened

    Alexa on batteries: A life-changing door just opened

    The day before the Alexa Smart Glasses was announced, Amazon released details of a Fire Tablet upgrade, with one of the key features being a way to make Alexa Handsfree.

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  • Apple erred on facial recognition

    Apple erred on facial recognition

    There are many theories about what happened with Apple's FaceID. Let's discuss what failure means and 2D vs. 3D cameras. There are three classes of failure: accuracy, spoofability, and user experience

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