Rich Nass

Richard Nass is the Executive Vice-President of OpenSystems Media. His key responsibilities include setting the direction for all aspects of OpenSystems Media’s Embedded and IoT product portfolios, including web sites, e-newsletters, print and digital magazines, and various other digital and print activities. He was instrumental in developing the company's on-line educational portal, Embedded University. Previously, Nass was the Brand Director for UBM’s award-winning Design News property. Prior to that, he led the content team for UBM Canon’s Medical Devices Group, as well all custom properties and events in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Nass has been in the engineering OEM industry for more than 25 years. In prior stints, he led the Content Team at EE Times, handling the Embedded and Custom groups and the TechOnline DesignLine network of design engineering web sites. Nass holds a BSEE degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

  • Advanced Testing Needn’t Carry High-End Price Tag

    Rohde & Schwarz is clearly ready to break this perception with its current pricing scheme. While the equipment is dubbed as “entry-level,” it looks more like “full-featured” to me.

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  • Mentor Introduces AI/ML Toolkit, Adds AI/ML Power to Calibre Tools

    Mentor is releasing an AI/machine learning development kit and added AI/ML enhancements to two tools to help its customers produce smarter, AI/ML-powered ICs to market faster.

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  • Lattice sensAI Ups Performance by 10X For Smart Edge Devices

    Lattice is already known for delivering low-power programmable devices and continues that trend with this release while embarking down the coveted AI path.

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  • OpenSystems Media Teams with IAR Systems for Second Year of Global IAR DevCon Series

    OpenSystems Media is once again partnering with IAR Systems to develop and host the 2019 Global IAR DevCon Series.

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  • Five Minutes With…Alan Grau, VP of IoT, Sectigo

    Five Minutes With…Alan Grau, VP of IoT, Sectigo

    Discussing how to protect your systems with Alan Grau, the Vice President of IoT and Embedded Solutions for Sectigo.

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  • Five Minutes With…Kai Wang, Director, NexCOBOT

    Five Minutes With…Kai Wang, Director, NexCOBOT

    Rich Nass talks to Kai Wang, a Director on NexCOBOT’s Robot and Automation team.

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  • Workload Consolidation for Industrial Applications

    Consolidating your compute system to reduce the number of platforms, the number of boards, and any other resources.

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  • A to Z of Embedded System Design

    Let's take a peek at the two-day conference, which is jam-packed with educational lectures that cover just about every topic that an embedded developer may encounter.

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  • Five Minutes With…Ricardo Margalho, CEO, Stratio Automotive

    Five Minutes With…Ricardo Margalho, CEO, Stratio Automotive

    I invited Ricardo Margalho, the Co-founder and CEO of Stratio Automotive, to join me in this week’s Five Minutes With…discussion.

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  • Achronix Speedster7t FPGAs Suit AI/ML Apps

    Achronix has now developed a new FPGA family that claims to meet the demands of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and high-bandwidth data acceleration applications.

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  • And the Best in Show Winners Are…

    And the Best in Show Winners Are…

    One of the main events of last week’s IoT World Conference and Expo was Embedded Computing Design’s Best in Show Award announcements. Eight entries were deemed to be worthy of awards.

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  • SiFive Partners with QuickLogic for Rapid Chip Design SoC Templates

    SiFive, a provider of RISC-V core IP, recently announced its Freedom Aware (FA) family of SoC templates as well as a strategic development partnership with QuickLogic.

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  • MathWorks’ Release 2019a of MATLAB and Simulink Brings AI to Its Popular Software Environment

    With R2019a, engineers can extend their AI skills to develop controllers and decision-making systems.

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  • Latest AMD Embedded Processor Boasts Super Performance/Watt

    The Embedded R1000 SoC offers dual core, quad-threaded performance. It can run in a fanless configuration, yet has the power to handle up to three 4K displays at up to 60 FPS.

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  • Sensory Brings Natural Language Recognition to Mainstream Embedded Devices

    When it comes to speech recognition, Sensory always seems to be one step ahead of the game. It’s a pretty low-key company, but they’ve made a name for themselves to be just a little bit better.

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  • Learn About Machine Learning

    Machine learning is a subset of AI, but it's the key component of embedded/industrial systems. You need to understand how it works.

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  • Octavo Systems Introduces First System in Package for STM32MP1 Family from STMicroelectronics

    Octavo Systems Introduces First System in Package for STM32MP1 Family from STMicroelectronics

    Octavo's latest offering is the OSD32MP1, which is based on the new STM32MP1 microprocessor from STMicroelectronics.

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  • Western Digital's UFS 3.0 Embedded Flash Drive Answers the Call From 5G

    Western Digital has developed the iNAND MC EU511 embedded flash drive (EFD), which offers sequential write speeds up to 750 Mbytes/s and capacities of 512 Gbytes.

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  • Bluetooth Adds Direction Finding Feature for Location Services

    The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced a direction-finding feature that can significantly enhance the performance of Bluetooth-based location services products.

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  • Lynx MOSA.ic Framework Takes Modular Approach to Embedded System Design

    The new Lynx is a company with a software development framework that encompasses, not just the OS, but a complete framework for designing and maintaining embedded systems.

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