• E-cast: Cyber Security: It Starts with the Embedded System

    Some of the most famous information breaches over the past few years have been a result of entry through embedded and IoT system environments. Often these breaches are a result of unexpected...

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  • Five Minutes With…Louis Parks, CEO, SecureRF8:42

    Five Minutes With…Louis Parks, CEO, SecureRF

    Securing the Internet? That’s not exactly a new concept. In fact, not even close. However, what differentiates SecureRF from the dozens and dozens of others that make the same claim is that they secur

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  • E-cast: Make Your High-Integrity Code Safe and Secure

    Attend this webcast to learn how to verify the quality, reliability, and security of high-integrity software. You'll learn to do this thoroughly and efficiently using automated static code...

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  • The Cavalry has arrived for automotive cybersecurity. What's next?

    The Cavalry has arrived for automotive cybersecurity. What's next?

    After the publication of Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek's remote commandeering of a Jeep's CAN bus brought national attention to the issue of automo...

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  • Securing the edge with ARM TrustZone for v8-M

    Securing the edge with ARM TrustZone for v8-M

    ARM's new 32-bit ARMv8-M architecture was introduced in 2015, adding TrustZone security extensions for Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCUs), among other f...

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  • Encryption 101: Choosing the right scheme

    This intro to encryption offers some of the pitfalls that can derail the inexperienced user. About six years ago, I started working with a UK crypto c...

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  • Encryption 301: More extensive encryption subsystems

    Using Ethernet protocols requires the proper encryption schemes. In Part 1, we looked at some do's and don'ts on encryption. In Part 2, we introduced...

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  • Semiconductor foundations for connected device security

    Semiconductor foundations for connected device security

    Foundational security for Internet of Things (IoT) devices starts in silicon, a realization that can be seen today as semiconductor companies ramp up...

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  • Manage and update your vehicle fleet remotely and (more importantly) securely

    If I had to pick one technology that got more than its share of attention at CES, it would be automotive. The products and technologies that were on d...

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  • Z-Wave Alliance ups security in home automation products

    You're probably tired of hearing me say it, but it can't be stressed enough--security must be paramount in your design, whether it's a financial syste...

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  • Will passports one day be secured with biometrics?

    Cybersecurity was an important topic at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. I was invited to join a panel with cybersecurity experts from Intel, Huawei, N...

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  • Monitoring nefarious people with offender tags

    Stretching back to Medieval times the "Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200" approach to offender processing was all that existed....

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  • With today's advanced coding tools, catastrophes should be non-existent

    In our increasingly automated world, ensuring safety and reliability of what goes on behind the scenes within embedded software code has reached new l...

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  • Security is definitely front of mind

    Security is an incredibly hot topic these days in the embedded and IoT spaces. I recently moderated a panel session on the challenges that an IoT deve...

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  • COMPUTEX Taipei: Apacer launches enhanced data security SSD technology

    Computex 2015 will see the launch of Apacer's enhanced data security technology on industrial SSDs. UrKey uses a dual-connector USB dongle to control...

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  • ARM TechCon 2016: If you're thinking secure and reliable, think Ada

    Ada, one of the many available object-oriented programming languages, has been with us for a quite some time. Unlike other technologies, however, that...

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  • The transportation space continues to be ripe for hackers

    According to various estimates, the number of connected cars will grow from today's roughly 50 million up to around 150 million over the next four yea...

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  • Top 10 embedded inventions of the last 10 years

    In a recent interview with Ray Zinn, I asked him what he thought was the greatest invention of his lifetime. He came up with a bunch of good answers,...

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  • Avoiding resource drain from antivirus software

    The modus operandi of enterprise antivirus solutions involves watching with an eagle eye in the background, scrutinizing every link you click and file...

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  • Top ten articles of October 2016

    The audience has spoken. From AI to audio processing to the Internet of Things, these were your top ten favorite articles this October. 1. "Snappy" ga...

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