• IAR Systems, Secure Thingz and Renesas Electronics Join Forces for Reliable Industrial IoT Security Solutions

    IAR Systems, Secure Thingz, and Renesas Electronics Corporation announced their collaboration to secure industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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  • The IoT in China, where everyone has a job

    The IoT in China, where everyone has a job

    I recently traveled to Suzhou, China to attend Advantech’s IoT Co-Creation Summit. The trip exposed me to several cultural nuances. The most obvious of these is related to employment.

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  • Bosch Mondeville and Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions collaborate on customized IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions

    Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions along with Bosch Mondeville will offer customized Industry 4.0 development and manufacturing solutions for IoT at Electronica.

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  • The IoT, Defined

    By Gene Frantz
  • Renesas Electronics' New Embedded Controller Allows IoT Devices to Operate Sans Batteries

    Renesas' energy harvesting embedded controller operates on current levels not possible with conventional technology.

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  • Swytch Joins Forces with CENTRI to Secure Connected Services

    Swytch, CENTRI and Atonomi announced CENTRI will offer its Protected Sessions to Swytch and use the Swytch Open "Oracle" technology in an effort to track renewable energy in connected devices.

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  • How to Develop Cross-Industry IoT Interoperability

    Multi-Part Series
  • Dialog Semiconductor’s Nanopower PMICs for Low-Power IoT Applications Extend Battery Life

    Dialog Semiconductor released DA9070 and DA9073, the first fully-integrated nanopower PMICs for IoT applications and is currently showcasing them at Electronica.

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  • Newark element14 Launches AI Configurator Selector Tool for electronica 2018

    Newark element14, the Development Distributor, has launched an AI Configurator tool that allows engineers to quickly select the most appropriate development solution for their artificial...

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  • Innodisk’s Wide Temp DRAM Series is Industry’s Fastest

    Innodisk is launching its DDR4 2666MT/s wide temperature DRAM series to satisfy the need for performance in the outermost edge-computing devices.

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  • Insight SiP launches new ISP1807-LR module

    Insight SiP launches new ISP1807-LR module

    The ISP1807-LR RF module is the first fully Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range compliant and smallest RF module on the market

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  • Achronix Unveils New 'eFPGA Accelerator' Programs for Researchers and Test-Chip Developers

    Programs enable research institutions and companies to quickly build low-cost test chips using Achronix high-performance Speedcore eFPGA technology

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  • Five Minutes With… Ian Mazsa, Director, Vicor

    Five Minutes With… Ian Mazsa, Director, Vicor

    When we discuss AI, the discussion typically revolves around processing or algorithms. But I was reminded recently that power plays a big part in AI. How is that, you ask? Well, check out this...

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  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates in Embedded Microcontroller Applications: Design Trade-Offs and Lessons Learned

    In this article, we will describe several different software designs for OTA updates and discuss their trade-offs.

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  • MultiTech Helps Customers Transition to LTE with Launch of Newest Cellular Modems

    MultiTech Helps Customers Transition to LTE with Launch of Newest Cellular Modems

    MultiConnect Cell 100 Series 4G-LTE Cat 4 Cellular Modems Now Available with Configuration Options for AT&T and Verizon

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  • Adesto to Appear at Electronica Following S3 Semiconductors and Echelon Corporation Acquisitions

    Adesto will present a variety of solutions at Electronica following its recent acquisitions of S3 Semiconductors and Echelon Corporation, all targeting IoT edge and communication gateways. systems.

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  • STMicroelectronics Brings Semiconductor Solutions for Smart Industry and Smart Driving to Electronica 2018

    STMicroelectronics will present its products and solutions for simplifying and making industrial and automotive applications smarter and more efficient at Electronica 2018.

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  • AVX and subsidiaries Ethertronics, AB Elektronik, and ATC to appear at Electronica 2018

    AVX Corporation is showcasing its portfolio for automotive, medical, military, aerospace, industrial, and consumer market products at Electronica 2018.

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  • Avnet and Octonion Working to Deliver AI and Security at the Edge

    Designing products to speed IoT development

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  • Use Intel® SSF to Remove Bottlenecks to AI

    Use Intel® SSF to Remove Bottlenecks to AI

    Machine learning and AI push the limits of processing, data transport, and storage. To achieve performance and scalability while containing cost, desi...

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  • IoT Security (Finally) Delivers ROI

    IoT Security (Finally) Delivers ROI

    To protect sensitive device data and networks as a whole, developers should consider both hardware and software. Hardware security modules can enable...

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  • Securing the IIoT with Flexible Firewalls

    Securing the IIoT with Flexible Firewalls

    Traditional IT firewalls don’t translate well to the factory floor, necessitating a new class of industrial firewall appliances. Industrial firewall...

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