Bel Power Solutions announces 18 kW DC-DC power shelf solution

April 9, 2018 Jamie Leland

Bel Power Solutions and Protection, a global manufacturer of power management devices, has announced the SPSPFF3 System, which includes power modules, shelf, controller, and power distribution unit (PDU). These products are designed for systems and applications such as central offices redesigned as data centers, where DC-DC conversion from an existing -48 V supply to 12 V is required, and are ideal for applications in DC-DC markets that require high power density and telecom/central office voltage compliance. 

The SPSPFF3 System is designed for secure remote monitoring, is compliant with EMC and safety standards, and carries the CE mark. SPSPFF3 components have a nominal -48 V input voltage, which covers a range from -40 V to -72 V, and will convert into a fully regulated and isolated single output voltage of 12.5 V. The converter can operate in a fan cooled environment and uses digital controls for fan speed regulation. These new SPSPFF3 system products have a dynamic response to load/input changes and low output voltage noise.

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