• C&K Adds Low-Cost 10mm Rotary DIP Switches for Address Switching, Data Storage and Instrumentation Applications

    C&K Adds Low-Cost 10mm Rotary DIP Switches for Address Switching, Data Storage and Instrumentation Applications

    The CRE series is available with a number of different actuators, including flush, extended and protrusion screw types, giving customers increased flexibility.

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  • ITTIA Database Now Supports NXP’s Latest 64-bit Arm Processors with Real-Time Functionality

    Data processing, analysis, security & distribution will play an important role in architecting Internet of Things systems, where applications must stream and manage a large quantity of real time data.

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  • Western Digital Releases New Storage for IoT

    Western Digital Releases New Storage for IoT

    Smart factories and IoT devices benefit from reliable, low-power storage solutions built to thrive in varied environments.

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  • Microsoft exFAT by Paragon Software Now Supports New Linux Kernel 5.2 and Comes with Even Greater Performance

    Proprietary cross-platform file system drivers and utilities deliver unrestricted access to your data.

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  • Greenliant ArmourDrive SSDs Reach 250,000+ P/E Cycles with EnduroSLC Technology

    Designed with Greenliant's EnduroSLC Technology, ArmourDrive EX Series solid state storage products are ideal for high reliability applications requiring superior data retention.

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  • Cloud Communications Group Announces New Partner

    Technology solutions leader, Cloud Communications Group (CCG), welcomes Keith D. Hatley as new partner.

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  • Industrial Computer Memory Types Explained

    Teguar Corporation's Tom Poplawski, Product Manager, explains the three types of memory used in industrial computers.

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  • IBASE Launches 9th/8th Gen Intel Xeon / Core Processors Based PICMG 1.3 Full-Size CPU Card

    IBASE Technology Inc. launches today the IB995 PICMG® 1.3 Full-Size CPU Card, a slot-card server designed for the 8th Gen and 9th Gen (codenamed "Coffee Lake Refresh") of Intel's Core processors.

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  • HCC Embedded Releases SafeexFAT File System for Failsafe Data Storage

    HCC provides complete service including integration, verification and Microsoft exFAT IP licensing for device manufacturers seeking a highly reliable version of exFAT.

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  • How New Architectures are Overcoming the Limitations of Physics

    How New Architectures are Overcoming the Limitations of Physics

    New architectures for both memory compute and power electronics facing the limitations of physics.

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  • VadaTech Announces FMC with Dual NVMe Solid State Drives and RS-485/422

    VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the FMC257.

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  • Enclustra’s Mercury+ XU9 SoC Module Offers 38.4 Gbyte/Sec Memory Bandwidth

    Enclustra's Mercury+ XU9 SoC module offers 20 multi-gigabit transceivers with data rates of up to 15 Gbit/sec each, and memory bandwidth of up to 38.4 GByte/sec.

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  • Everspin and Seagate Sign IP Patent Assignment and Licensing Agreements

    Everspin and Seagate announce licensing agreement.

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  • ELTEC Elektronik Allows Secure Browsing in Automotive Applications

    ELTEC Elektronik Allows Secure Browsing in Automotive Applications

    CyBox RT 2-A extends wireless access point family with dual LTE/Wi-Fi router for automotive electronics.

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  • Thin Mini-ITX Mainboard for compact display systems

    Thin Mini-ITX Mainboard with Coffee Lake CPU for compact display systems

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  • Everspin and Phison Partner to Bring Spin Torque Transfer MRAM to Next Generation Enterprise SSD Controllers

    Everspin's STT-MRAM now part of Phison SSD Controllers.

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  • WIN Enterprises Announces Fanless Embedded Computer with 6th/7th Generation Intel Core and 6x USB for IoT Data & Video Storage

    WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of custom solutions for OEMs, announces the PL-50010.

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  • Micron Launches Highest-Capacity Monolithic Memory for Mobile Applications

    Mass production of LPDDR4X Moves to 1z nm DRAM process node.

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  • The Effects of Advanced Battery Management on Health Care Energy Storage Systems

    This article will explain how a state-of-the-art battery monitoring system, including cell balancing and isolated communication networks, can exploit the benefits of new lithium battery chemistries.

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  • SK hynix Launches Gold S31 Consumer SSD on Amazon

    Gold S31 SSD offers best performance and quality for PC Users.

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