SecureRF Unveils DOME: A Device Ownership Management and Enrollment Platform

October 28, 2019 SecureRF

Shelton, CT - October 8, 2019 - SecureRF Corporation today announced DOME, a comprehensive device onboarding and ownership management platform that provides processor-level security, authentication, and data management for devices at the edge of the IoT.  DOME gives every processor and device its own embedded blockchain pedigree and establishes proof of ownership without the need for a pervasive network or cloud connection.  SecureRF's solution supports scalable security functions like in-field ownership transfers and secure firmware updates, reducing the cost and complexity of IoT device management.  The company will demonstrate the power of DOME in booth #943 at Arm TechCon, Oct. 8 - 10 at the San Jose Convention Center.

DOME leverages SecureRF's fast and small cryptographic methods to provide touchless processor and device onboarding, and creates a rooted proof of ownership. The solution's architecture enables any current or future owner to manage and transfer ownership operations without a persistent cloud or network connection. IoT devices in the field, especially those at the edge of the IoT, are often very small, low-energy, and lack a direct cloud connection. When used as software, DOME requires less than 8K of ROM, and can run on the smallest processors resulting in significant cost and complexity reduction for device owners.

"In answering a functional need for one of our semiconductor partners, we discovered this critical missing ownership management function for small devices at the edge of the IoT. DOME addresses this need. The more secure we can help make the IoT, the greater the product adoption for our partners and customers," said Louis Parks, SecureRF's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "There are a variety of authentication methods that require cloud connectivity to validate the processor or device which did not seem practical for many of the smallest 32-bit, 16-bit, and even 8-bit processors we address.  We see DOME as a platform upon which companies can build and deliver new global services and offerings securely."

The company is actively working with industry partners to help deliver the powerful benefits of the DOME solution. "Our solution can be leveraged for a wide range of applications and platforms," said Drake Smith, Vice President of Development, SecureRF. "As always, we look forward to partnering with innovative providers to simplify security for a wide range of IoT devices."

DOME is uniquely suited for a broad range of markets including industrial IoT, smart grid, automotive, medical devices and others where trusted ownership, identity, authentication and data protection are required. To learn more visit

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