Renesas Electronics Showcases Embedded Solutions for Connected World at Internet of Things World 2018

May 10, 2018 Renesas Electronics Corporation

Renesas Electronics Corporation will showcase its embedded solutions for the connected world at the Internet of Things World 2018, May 15-17, booth #839, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

Renesas Electronics will demonstrate several low-power and high-performance connected solutions based on the Renesas RZ/G Group of microprocessors (MPUs), Renesas Synergy™ Platform, and RZ/N1 Group of MPUs. Renesas will share its solutions and techniques that enable IoT system developers to quickly take their smart solutions from prototype to market for applications such as healthcare, smart home, and industrial automation.

Solution Demonstrations

Intelligent Cloud Connected Kiosk

The Intelligent Cloud Connected Kiosk demonstrates the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to create customized user experiences. An embedded AI solution running on the Renesas RZ/G MPU allows developers to capture and present demographic targeted content based on facial recognition, estimated user age, and gender information.

Secure Chip-to-Cloud Connectivity in 10 minutes

The Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox and AE-Cloud1 kit provides a reference design and starting point to connect to enterprise clouds such as Amazon Web Services™. The reference design enables users to connect their industrial or smart home device to an enterprise cloud service in 10 minutes or less.

Wi-Fi Swap-Till-You-Drop Wireless Framework

The Wi-Fi Swap-Till-You-Drop framework makes it effortless for embedded developers to compare various wireless connectivity options on the Renesas Synergy Platform. Using the Renesas Synergy PE-HMI1 board, this solution demonstrates the flexibility to evaluate existing Wireless Partner Projects or create new ones with the user’s Wi-Fi module of choice.

Smart Healthcare Supply Chain and Personal Medication Management

The in-transit medication management reference solution showcases the Synergy Platform featuring the Synergy S3 and RL78/G1D microcontrollers (MCUs), as well as multiple sensors that track temperature, humidity, GPS location, tamper, shock and pressure translated through an on-board display to trace, and manage supply chains.

The personal medication adherence smart sleeve and smart connector proof-of-concept demos display how connected technology enables users to follow a precise prescription schedule, while providing developers a head start on designing world-class medical products.

Renesas RZ/N1 Time Sensitive Network Demo for Industrial Automation

The Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) demonstration highlights the Renesas RZ/N1 MPU as a TSN endpoint with time-synchronized communication via OPC UA protocol.

Low Quiescent Current DC-DC Converter for IoT Endpoints

This demo powers IoT endpoints with DC-DC converters that are highly efficient at any load, from a few microamps to 10’s of amps. Their dynamic voltage scaling and stand-by/sleep modes for Renesas MCUs enables IoT endpoints with 10+ years of battery life.

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