People and Products Podcast – The STM32 Arm Cortex-M MCU

July 29, 2019 Alix Paultre

The growing number of applications being addressed by Cloud-based IoT solutions is constantly growing, and is directly related to the ability of engineers to cost-effectively implement logic in their design. The latest generation of microcontrollers are enabling the creation of more products to address almost any application one can think of today. 

STMicroelectronics is among the companies making advanced 32-bit microcontrollers intended to make product creation easier, and their 32-bit STM32 family is based on the Arm Cortex-M processor. We had a talk with Fred Lecam at STMIcro about the STM32 product line, and discussed its performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, low-power operation, and its connectivity.

The various family members are suitable for a variety of application verticals. For example, the STM32G4 series combines Arm Cortex-M4 plus FPU and DSP capability with advanced analog peripherals, and incorporates two mathematical accelerators (Cordic and Filtering) shaped for control applications. The STM32H7 series includes single-core and dual-core microcontrollers with Arm Cortex-M7 and Cortex-M4 cores able to run up to 480 MHz and 240 MHz.

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