D3 Engineering Launches Automotive Vision Development Kit Based on TI TDA4VM SoC

January 10, 2020 Brandon Lewis

D3 Engineering has released the DesignCore RVP-TDA4Vx Development Kit, a rugged vision ECU platform based on Texas Instruments’ TDA4VM SoC with an integrated image signal processor (ISP) and a configurable SerDes interface. The production-intent kit was designed to automotive temperature ranges and includes an automotive-grade power design with reverse battery protection, helping accelerate the design of ADAS and autonomous systems.

Meanwhile, a configurable baseboard supports multiple SerDes capture streams and different transport protocols via interchangeable cards. A default card supports eight 4 Gbps FPD-Link III channels, four serial displays over FPD-Link III and Display Port MST video outputs, and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) architectures over a CSI2-TX port. The baseboard also includes an expansion interface and multiple connectivity options.

The entire development kit is packaged in a rugged enclosure for use in vehicle testing.

The D3 advanced vision software framework and TI’s Processor SDK RTOS Automotive (PSDKRA) and Processor SDK Linux Automotive (PSDKLA) are provided with the kit.

The RVP-TDA4Vx Development Kit will be available in 1Q2020. For more information, view the kit’s data sheet at www.d3engineering.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/01/D3Eng-DesignCore-TDA4Vx-DevKit-DataSheet.pdf.

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