Kontron introduces COMe Type 7 module for low-power entry-level server platforms

November 22, 2017 ECD Staff

Kontron has extended its product family of server-class COM platforms with the Kontron COM Express Computer-on-Module COMe-bDV7 in the basic type 7 form factor, designed for applications such as real-time Industry 4.0 fog servers, micro servers, network appliances, as well as industrial, energy, robotics and IIoT implementations with demanding network requirements. It is based on the Intel Atom processor C3000 product family offering scalable compute performance and network capabilities suitable for low-power entry-level server platforms.

The COMe-bDV7 module features server-grade CPU performance with up to 16 cores and I/O capacity for low-power fanless systems. It supports up to four 10GbE-KR ports; up to 64 GB of ECC and non-ECC DDR4 memory; and Linux, Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, Windows 7 and 10, and VxWorks.

Furthermore, the COMe-bDV7 offers support for Kontron's Security Solution APPROTECT, based on an integrated security chip from Wibu-Systems, which (in tandem with a specifically developed software framework) protects applications, as well as all data processed and stored on the device. Kontron's APPROTECT Licensing enables new business models such as 'pay per use' or time-based trial versions, as it can be used to enable or disable features via a predetermined set of variables.

The KR design defines the physical interface - KR for backplane connectivity, Copper (RJ45) or fibre (SFP+) on the base board. The module’s available NC-SI signals allow for the connection of a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) on the baseboard for enabling out-of-band remote manageability.

Find more information at https://www.kontron.com/products/boards-and-standard-form-factors/com-express/com-express-basic/come-bdv7.html

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