ChargEdge Addresses Wireless Power Transfer

August 16, 2019 Alix Paultre

ChargEdge gave a seminar, courtesy of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, SF Bay Area Chapter, at the Texas Instruments auditorium in Santa Clara, where a group of engineers and academicians met with the CTO of ChargEdge, Sanjaya Maniktala, to better understand ChargEdge’s wireless power solution. 

The ChargEdge receiver coil, able to deliver up to 80W, was smaller than a 5W Qi coil, yet delivered 16 times more power, while operating at around 100kHz, about the same as Qi. The transmitter offers a proprietary Dual-Qi mode suitable for cars, and smart foreign object detection. ChargEdge has a transmitter structure that is inherently low in EMI, and the receiver coil is virtually geometry agnostic.

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