Vincotech's Tandem Power Solution Offers Speedier Switching

May 30, 2019 Alix Paultre

A family of high-speed power modules, the flowPACK 1 1200V six pack from Vincotech, features tandem diode technology and a high-speed IGBT for motion control applications requiring higher switching frequencies and lower power loss. Comprised of several IGBT modules to cover currents ranging up to 75 A at room temperature, all products ship in a flow 1 package with Press-fit pins, and every package shares the same pin-out and footprint.

A six-pack module is equipped with six IGBTs and six free-wheeling diodes, which usually have 600V, 1200V or 1700V blocking voltage capability. The IGBTs and diodes often share the same current rating. In some modules, the DC- connections are not connected together, leaving space for shunt measurement. Nearly all modules are equipped with an NTC or PTC alongside the power semiconductors. Versions with solder pins and phase-change material are available on request.

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