Vector Releases First Network Interface for Car2x/V2X Communication

July 10, 2019 Laura Dolan

Vector launched its VN4610 network interface solution for IEEE-802.11p and CAN-(FD) based applications in an effort to help accelerate 802.11p-based ECUs to production.

The Vector VN4610 will:

  • Help users benefit from receiving and sending IEEE-802.11p messages effortlessly and implement Car2x-/V2X applications
  • Satisfies all technical hardware requirements for safely testing dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) applications over IEEE-802.11p radio channels
  • Transmits all received messages from the two radio channels to a test tool for analysis
  • Executes latency measurements due to the messages’ time stamps being synchronized to the bus channels
  • Provides a tuned solution for creating a simulation environment for testing Car2x/V2X applications
  • Directs transmitted messages and arranges communication boundaries for the various tests

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