Toshiba Sensorless Control Pre-Driver IC Simplifies BLDC Motor Control

August 6, 2019 Brandon Lewis

Toshiba Electronics Europe has released a sensor-less control pre-driver IC for BLDC motors, the TTB9062FNG. The pre-driver ICs can control BLDC motors using just a pulse-width modulation input and do not require high-performance MCUs or software. The devices target industrial and automotive applications such as electric fuel pumps and fans.

For motor control stability, the TB9062FNG’s automatic duty generation function adjusts the output PWM duty cycle to meet the requirements of a startup battery voltage (VBAT). It also incorporates a soft-speed changing function that suppresses sudden changes in the PWM duty cycle to prevent stalls.

The pre-driver IC is controlled by a hard-wired logic circuit and does not require software development. Integrated VBAT over-voltage detection, VBAT under-voltage detection, over-current protection, and thermal shutdown circuits ensure safe operation. 

The 7.8 mm x 7.6 mm devices are designed in an SSOP24 package and support a -40 °C to 125 °C operating temperature range.

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