SEGGER complete portfolio to support Microchip SAM L10/11 MCUs

July 18, 2018 Brandon Lewis

SEGGER is supporting the Microchip SAM L11 MCUs with its full complement of development tools and operating systems, including the Embedded Studio IDE, embOS RTOS, J-Link debug probes, SystemView runtime visual analysis tool, and emCrypt security suite. These tools are available in the ‘ready-to-go’ Evaluation Package, which is free to use without limitation for educational and non-commercial purposes.

The Microchip SAM L10 and SAM L11 are a family of 32-bit MCUs that run at 32 MHz and support memory configurations of up to 64 Kb flash and 16 Kb SRAM. The devices include 24- and 32-pin package options, and integrate an enhanced peripheral touch controller. The SAM L11 also integrates hardware security features.

The emBOS RTOS port for the SAM L11 provides SystemView enablement, which allows developers to record data from an embedded target while it is running. This information is analyzed and presented to developers in different visual representations down to individual clock cycles to help engineers discern whether a system is performing as intended and identify any bugs or areas that require optimization.

The emCrypt security suite also augments the security features of the SAM L11 MCU by providing a full set of cryptographic algorithms for device authentication or communication.

The SEGGER Evaluation Package for the SAM L11 Xplained Pro prototyping kit can be downloaded from

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