Renesas Electronics to Work with eProsima Micro DDS-XRCE for Faster Robotics Development

October 29, 2018 Laura Dolan

Renesas Electronics Corporation is expanding its high-performance, 32-bit RX65N Series of MCUs to support the DDS-XRCE (Data-Distribution Service for Extremely Resource Constrained Environments), to satisfy the protocols for ROS 2 communication. This will fast-track robotics systems’ development in an effort to increase intelligence at an industrial capacity.

Supporting the DDS-XRCE framework will assist the new software that controls the sensors and actuators to be embedded in welfare, safe guard, reception, cleaning, household robots, and other robotics system endpoints.

Renesas is employing an eProsima Micro DDS-XRCE client on an RX65N MCU. It is implementing two RX65N MCU-based boards for the sensor operating as the eyes and nose of a robot, and one as an actuator for the robot’s hands and legs. The successful communication between these devices is made possible by using the DDS-XRCE. 

“We are pleased that Renesas has selected eProsima as the primary DDS-XRCE solution. We are leading networking middleware experts, and collaboration with the leading MCU company accelerates deployment of ROS 2 into embedded microcontrollers,” said Jaime Martin Losa, eProsima’s CEO.

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