Percepio Tracealyzer 4.3 Features Amazon FreeRTOS Stack Analysis, Improved State Machine Analysis

May 15, 2019 Brandon Lewis

Västerås, Sweden. Percepio has released Tracealyzer 4.3, which supports stack usage analysis for Amazon FreeRTOS, new state machine analysis features, and significant performance enhancements for large traces.

Tracealyzer 4.3’s Amazon FreeRTOS stack usage analysis permits developers to view the highest stack usage or each FreeRTOS task, even over sustained tests, to help them optimize RAM utilization. This stack monitoring will soon be available on deployed systems via Percepio’s yet-to-be-released Firmware Monitor Service.

New features for state machine analysis include a new “Interval Details” view, which offers an improved overview of state machines and custom intervals within a trace. For long traces of several hours or more, enhanced indexing allows users to load specific sections from the Trace Preview much more quickly.

Other Tracealyzer 4.3 improvements include the ability to export data like point graph views to .CSV files, which can then be imported into other applications. This is highly relevant for data like sensor readings, task response times, memory allocation, or plots of custom intervals between any two events in a trace.

Tracealyzer 4.3 is available for evaluation and download now. For more information visit

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