Nexperia Offers 175°C Diodes and Transistors in SOT23 Package

July 12, 2019 Alix Paultre

Nexperia announced that key parts from its SOT23-packaged family of high-performance, general-purpose transistors and switching diodes are now fully-specified for operation up to 175°C degrees. The 175°C SOT23 devices also feature a 25 percent higher Ptot (total power dissipation) than basic 150°C rated parts that are also qualified to AEC-Q101 for high automotive reliability.

With these latest releases, Nexperia is further completing its portfolio of 175°C diodes and transistors, which now covers all performance classes up to 15A. The family of 175°C products are available in packages ranging from leadless DFN to leaded SMD and clipbond FlatPower (CFP) and LFPAK packages.

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