Memory Cards’ Speed Grade Standards

January 16, 2019 Gibson Ming-Dar Chen, UD Info

There are so many different types of memory cards on the market these days.  That being said, would you know which card is the best choice for your device? It is extremely important to choose the most suitable SD card for your mobile phone, tablet, PC, camera, digital camera, and other electronic devices.

There are three important specifications to consider when selecting the best SD card for your device:

  1. Speed grade standard for film recording
  2. Application Performance Class for mobile devices
  3. Bus speed standard for high speed data transferring

The best way to choose the right memory card for your device is taking Speed Grade Standard into account. There are three types of speed grades including, "Speed Grade," "UHS Speed grade," and "Film Speed Grade."

Speed Class 

One of the major features of flash memory is the variation in actual transferring speed. Since recording footage of dynamic data such as video requires a constant fixed writing speed, the difference in speed will greatly affect the reliability of the device. Hence, the better the quality of the speed grade, the better the SD card will function.  

Video Format
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