LoRa Alliance and DLMS User Association Join Forces on Delivering IoT to Utilities

April 3, 2019 Laura Dolan

Fremont, CA. The LoRa Alliance and the DLMS User Association have agreed on defining a new DLMS communication profile for LPWAN technologies including LoRaWAN.

Per their agreement, they will impart information, produce documentation and instruct the market ecosystem on the benefits of using the DLMS application protocol and data model over LoRaWAN networks.

Operating DLMS over LoRaWAN networks will assist utilities in gaining network connectivity that supports smart metering use cases such as gas, electricity, thermal energy and water throughout various IoT applications, enabling utilities to enhance services and incorporation into smart homes, buildings, industries and cities.

“With more than 500 members, over 100 LoRaWAN network operators and coverage in over 100 countries, LoRaWAN is the most adopted LPWAN protocol for the IoT,” said the LoRa Alliance’s CEO and Chairwoman, Donna Moore. “DLMS is a well-recognized application standard for utilities worldwide. By using the open LoRaWAN network protocol, utilities will profit from its unique benefits, such as flexibility in choice of network models and having a best-in-class certification program for end devices. LoRaWAN’s low power consumption and deep penetration are key aspects that will allow utilities to deploy long-lifetime IoT devices in buildings and underground, and use these to connect assets, create new services and accelerate their digitization.”

For more information, visit dlms.com or lora-alliance.org.

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