Leica Geosystems Releases New Real-Time Reality Capture Sensor

June 14, 2019 Laura Dolan

Hexagon’s Leica Geosystems launched the Leica BLK247, a real-time reality capture sensor for building security and operations, which employs LiDAR, 3D digital fencing and continuous scanning to observe buildings and spaces 24/7.

The new Leica BLK247 offers advanced sensor fusion technology for building management and surveillance.

The BLK247 provides 3D digital fences to protect valuable objects by distinguishing between still and moving objects and is conducive for locations that need to be under constant surveillance.

“The BLK247 provides professionals in security or building operations with a second line of defense that alerts them to unauthorized or abnormal activity as it’s happening. It’s ideal for protecting private and public spaces including airports, hospitals, schools, and museums, for example,” said Hexagon’s Geosystems division’s CTO, Burkhard Boeckem. “Its sensor fusion, based on LiDAR technology and additional multispectral visions systems, elevates situational awareness by alerting security professionals to changes in their environment as they’re happening, which brings a higher degree of security and safety to any space.”

Learn more at www.leica-geosystems.com.

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