AVX's Latest Tantalum Capacitors Address Automotive and Industrial Apps

March 18, 2019 Alix Paultre

AVX’s series of miniature, surface-mount, J-lead tantalum capacitors offer reliability and high volumetric efficiency in high-temperature automotive and industrial applications. The new F9H Series meets AEC-Q200 requirements, is compliant with RoHS2 directive 2011/65/EU, is rated for operating temperatures up to 150°C, with a CV/cc in a high-temperature 1206 tantalum capacitor of 10μF/16V and 50 percent more capacitance than the next-highest CV/cc 1206 tantalum capacitor, a 6.8μF/16V part. It also delivers higher reliability performance than standard automotive-grade capacitors, with a failure rate of just 0.5 percent after 1,000 hours at 105°C and rated voltage with 0.1Ω/V series impedance and a 60 percent confidence level.

The F9H Series is currently offered with four ratings: 1206 10μF/16V, 1206 15μF/10V, 1210 22μF/16V, and 2312 47μF/16V with an operating temperature of +105°C at rated voltage and a maximum category temperature of 150°C at 50 percent of rated voltage. They have a conventional MnO2 cathode, which is characterized by low leakage current, do not exhibit capacitance loss with applied voltage (voltage coefficient) or capacitance loss over time.

For more information, visit www.avx.com.

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