SAFERTOS supports integration for the new STM32 functional safety software test library from STMicroelectronics

May 1, 2018 ECD Staff

SAFERTOS is a safety critical Real Time Operating System (RTOS) available pre-certified to IEC 61508 SIL3. It now supports integration with the new software test library from STMicroelectronics (ST). The STL, also known as X-CUBE-STL, is part of the new functional safety design package from ST, targeting the industry standard IEC 61508 SIL3.

SAFERTOS is available pre-certified to IEC 61508 SIL 3, the highest possible level for a software only component. SAFERTOS is a pre-emptive safety critical RTOS that delivers unprecedented levels of determinism and robustness to embedded systems, whilst using minimal resources. It’s used internationally across a range of safety critical applications and is renowned for its high quality. SAFERTOS is available fully integrated with the new Functional Safety Design Package from ST.

ST has released its new Functional Safety Design Package to achieve IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level (SIL2/3) certification with the STM32 microcontroller (MCU) family. Built on the quality foundations of the STM32 product portfolio and the STM32 embedded safety features, the STM32 SIL Functional Safety Design Package helps developers of safety critical systems achieve certification, increasing speed to market. The functional safety package includes the MCU Safety Manual for a detailed list of safety requirements and examples to guide compliance with IEC 61508; the MCU FMEA for a detailed list of MCU failure modes and related mitigation measures adopted; a FMEDA snapshot for a static snapshot reporting IEC 61508 failure rates, computed at both MCU and basic function level; and the X-CUBE-STL software test library which is a software-based diagnostic suite designed to detect hardware random failures in STM32 safety-critical core components.

SAFERTOS supports integration with the software test libraries, providing a complete package certifiable to IEC 61508 SIL 3 by TÜV SÜD. More about SAFERTOS at

“SAFERTOS is an ideal solution for the STM32 Functional Safety Design Package,” says Andrew Longhurst, Business Leader at WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. “SAFERTOS is available pre-certified to IEC 61508 SIL3, and has features that assist in the development of safety critical software. SAFERTOS and the STM32 Functional Safety Package make a compelling solution.”

“Our free-of-charge safety-design package for STM32 microcontrollers, including a software Self-Test Library (X-CUBE-STL), enables our customers to design and certify systems up to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3),” said Laurent Desseignes, Microcontroller Ecosystem Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics. “The SIL3 pre-certified SAFERTOS from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems, based on the functional model of the FreeRTOS kernel, is a natural choice for STM32 safety applications requiring an RTOS.”

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is a safety systems company that produces and supplies real time operating systems and platform solutions to the Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial sectors. For more information, please visit

Access to X-CUBE-STL software, FMEA, and FMEDA documentation requires completion of an NDA agreement.

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