New AI computer based on NVIDIA's Jetson Xavier NX - now in development

May 20, 2020 Syslogic
NVIDIA leads the way in AI computing platforms (artificial intelligence). Jetson Xavier NX, the world's smallest supercomputer for AI applications, has been available since April 2020. It combines Jetson Nano's compact form factor of only 70 mm by 45 mm with unprecedented computing power. 
The Xavier NX module combines serial and parallel processor technology. It features a six-core CPU with 64 bits and an NVIDIA Volta GPU with 384 cores and 48 tensor cores, making it possible to use modern neuronal networks for inferencing. Furthermore, data from several high-resolution sensors can be processed simultaneously with practically no latency. 
Within the Jetson portfolio the Xavier NX lies somewhere between the extremely potent AGX Xavier and Jetson TX2. 
Jetson Xavier NX as a basis for embedded computers
Embedded expert Syslogic is combining the Xavier NX module with a carrier board developed in-house, which is then integrated into the company's robust, fanless, and maintenance-free embedded systems. They are consistently developed and manufactured for heavy-duty industrial applications. They are impervious to shock and vibration and are suitable for 24/7 operation at extreme temperatures. Accordingly, the Syslogic embedded systems are used worldwide in applications for railway and construction machinery, heavy and special vehicles, AGVs (automated guided vehicles), smart farming, wind turbines, and smart cities. Syslogic also handles the certification of embedded systems for all industries.
Several embedded computers based on Jetson Xavier NX are currently under development. Florian Egger, Head of Sales at Syslogic, says: "Specific requirements that are currently brought to us by customers are directly incorporated into the development." Customers are invited to express their wishes, adds Egger. 
Correspondingly, companies currently have the opportunity to exert direct influence on product development and thus quickly obtain a production-ready, Xavier NX-based embedded computer. To that end, Egger says: "We noticed that companies that are already involved in the product development phase often save on their own development costs." At this early stage, the desired adjustments are a lot easier and cheaper to implement than later on, says Egger.  
Syslogic will launch the embedded systems based on Jetson Xavier NX presumably at the end of fall 2020. The company already offers a broad AI computing portfolio based on the NVIDIA platforms Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i, and Jetson AGX Xavier. As a manufacturer with its own European development and production facility, Syslogic is an official member of the NVIDIA Jetson partner program. Syslogic's AI computers are used worldwide in AI edge applications from autonomous driving and predictive maintenance to smart city applications and smart farming. 
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