LDRA leverages versatility and power of the Mac platform with the LDRA tool suite for Mac OS

February 26, 2018 ECD Staff

LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis, and test tools, has responded to customer requests for high-quality development tools on the popular Mac platform with the release of the LDRA tool suite for Mac OS. The LDRA tool suite for Mac OS is a native Mac application environment offering the same capabilities as the LDRA tool suite on the Windows and Linux platforms.

As a common practice, engineers developing on the Mac OS can leverage both Windows and Linux virtual environments, enabling them to choose their preferred environment for developing specific applications and to target diverse applications. By providing such flexibility, this powerful and versatile platform is ideal for customers who are developing for a variety of target platforms, including embedded systems and connected devices.

“In today’s Internet-of-Things world, nearly every device is ultimately connected to the web,” said Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director. “The LDRA tool suite for Mac OS, released in direct response to customer demand, gives developers a single platform for multiple target environments. Developers who love the raw processing power, high-end displays, and versatility of the Mac now have high-quality tools for embedded safety- and security-critical applications—tools that have not been available before on this platform.”

The LDRA tool suite for Mac OS is available today.

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