ITTIA and TQ Group Partnership Integrates Embedded Database and Hardware Solution for Device Manufacturers

February 21, 2018 ECD Staff

ITTIA, a provider of high performance database and connectivity products for embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices,  announced its partnership with the embedded specialist TQ Group to provide a total hardware and database software solution.

Designed for scalability, ITTIA DB SQL and the TQ Group ARM architecture platforms enable manufacturers to build a full range of devices that are empowered to manage and connect data in industrial automation, automotive, smart metering, and beyond.

High-quality ARM modules from TQ offer a complete computing system that allows developers to customize edge-device solutions. To stay competitive, these manufacturers must build products that are innovative, well integrated, and thoroughly tested. On TQ Group’s extensive hardware portfolio, ITTIA DB SQL embedded database software offers easy development, great performance, and integrated data management capability without a database administrator. Data is stored directly on each device and self-maintained for years or decades at a time. The flexibility provided by ITTIA and TQ adds serious unique value and reduces engineering resources necessary to build device solutions that reliably connect and manage data.

Now, with ITTIA and TQ’s partnership, manufacturers are enabled to leverage significant memory and storage resources to execute complete SQL queries with special attention to standards and connect with other embedded systems and the cloud. Embedding ITTIA DB SQL into TQ devices empowers the embedded systems to collect and store data internally, making information available for both local processing and remote analysis. These devices may communicate with each other directly, retrieving data on demand and running SQL queries over a local network with ITTIA DB SQL’s lightweight data server. In addition, ITTIA DB SQL high availability offers protection and replication of critical data for TQ devices across multiple network nodes.

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