IP67 Rugged Embedded PC For Track Loaders, Mining Trucks, and Dozers

April 13, 2018 ECD Staff

With its ruggedized computer line, the embedded specialist Syslogic offers fanless box PCs that have been developed particularly for the mobile use under extreme conditions. The rugged computers are used in vehicles such as graders, wheel loaders, off-highway trucks, track loaders, mining trucks or dozers.

Mobile computing – versatile applications and high load

The rugged computers serve as data loggers, as control computers, for data acquisition or for vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

Electronic components such as embedded PCs which are used in vehicles such as dozers or excavators are exposed to extreme conditions. These include shock and vibration as well as extreme temperatures, moisture and wetness. The Compact 8 rugged computer by the embedded specialist Syslogic has been developed for precisely such conditions.

IP67 protection for reliable vehicle use

The ruggedized embedded PC has a sophisticated housing and a durable electronics design. The hard-anodized aluminum housing is resistant to dust, water and chemicals. The ultra-rugged embedded computer therefore meets the requirements of Protection Class IP67. Syslogic uses M12 screw-type connectors for the interfaces. Syslogic focused on longevity and robustness for the other components, too. As a result, the industrial computer does not have any moving parts. Accordingly, the rugged computer is suitable for continuous use (24/7) in harsh environments or for outdoor use. The USB and DVI service interfaces are protected by a bolted service cover. In addition, the rugged computer is designed for the extended temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

Another feature of the rugged computer is the galvanic isolation of the interfaces. As a result, the electronics are protected against damage even in the case of large potential differences, such as those caused by long cables.

The fact that the Compact 8 rugged computer is almost indestructible not only on paper but also in continuous use and under difficult conditions is verified by numerous qualifications. Some of the endurance tests passed include vibration testing for frequency ranges of 5 to 2000 Hertz (EN 60068-2-64) or shock testing (EN 60068-2-27). Thanks to the rugged housing with the clever Goretex module, the rugged computers are also suitable for potentially explosive areas.

Depending on the application, the rugged computer can be equipped with various interfaces. These include CAN, LAN and serial interfaces (RS422/485, RS232). In addition, the vehicle computer has radio (LTE, UMTS, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth). As a result, it can be used as an IoT device and paves the way for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The basis for the rugged computer consists of the Intel Atom E3845 processors (BayTrail). These are impressive due to their low-power design. The low power consumption produces little waste heat, which has a positive effect on the lifetime of the embedded box PCs.

The fact that Syslogic vehicle computers deliver what they promise is shown by various applications worldwide. The box PCs are used in mining trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, excavators and dozers. Customer feedback shows that Syslogic

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