How to develop inertial navigation applications for CAN BUS

August 14, 2019 Katelyn Albani

Andover, Massachusetts- July 29, 2019 ACEINNA today announced the availability of a video for engineers involved in developing autonomous car navigation, safety and communication systems using CAN BUS and SAE 1939 standard.

Hosted by Mike Horton, CTO of ACEINNA, this new video explains WHY and HOW to integrate Inertial Measurement Unit sensor technology with CAN communications in a variety of vehicle types and classes. In the video, Mr. Horton covers what exactly is an IMU and what is CAN BUS and quickly dives into a discussion of how to create a custom CAN BUS application using an Open Source IMU sensor.

The video compares various debugging tools including tools offered by Cooperhill Technologies, Komodo and Vector. It also discusses the differences between CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B as well the J1939 standard including the Address Claim feature.

Finally, Mike Horton demonstrates how to build and code custom CAN BUS 2.0A and CAN BUS 2.0B IMU autonomous vehicle guidance applications.

The video is at the ACEINNA YouTube channel at

The associated CAN Bus whitepaper is available as a free download at

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