Devart keeps upgrading its IDE to be innovative

November 22, 2018 Devart

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, announced the release of dbForge Studio for SQL Server v5.6 with support for the SQL Server 2019, support for TFS 2018, and Foreign Key Generator.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server v5.6 has received updates aimed at supporting the latest technologies in the world of database development.

*Connectivity support for SQL Server 2019

The latest dbForge Studio for SQL Server update includes full support for SQL Server 2019 for most efficient and fast work with databases.

*Support for TFS 2018

TFS 2018 is now fully supported by dbForge Studio for SQL Server! All necessary supplies and functionality are provided for the most effective and simple management of database changes.

*Foreign Key Generator

The tool now provides users with the ability to generate values for a group of unique table columns.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an integrated environment for SQL Server development, management, administration, data reporting, and analysis. The SQL management tool allows users to create, edit, copy, attach and detach, backup and restore databases from one server to another easily. These SQL tool help developers to manage databases, make complex database changes and speed up routine tasks.

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About Devart

Devart is one of the leading developers of database tools and administration software, ALM solutions, data providers for various database servers, data integration and backup solutions. The company also implements Web and Mobile development projects.

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