Cloud-based IPC with integrated remote management software

August 3, 2017 ICP Deutschland GmbH
QGW series – Remote & Multi-server management with QRM+
QGW series – Remote & Multi-server management with QRM+

Industrial computers are often used for the control of machines and plants. The added value of cloud-based IPCs, such as the new QGW series from ICP Deutschland, is the combination of hardware and useful software tools. These include, for example, the integrated remote management software QRM+ (QNAP Remote Manager Plus). The advantages of such a server and PC management tools are obvious: central administration, secure infrastructure and cost and time savings. The QRM+ network topology automatically detects networked devices, such as servers, IPCs and workstations, and displays the network infrastructure including the connection and device status as well as device type. This enables centralized monitoring and task bundling for analysis and troubleshooting. The integrated dashboards can be customized for this purpose. The QRM + is equipped with an HTML-5 based web interface and supports numerous x86/AMD64 Windows and Linux operating systems. By means of a software-based agent (QRMAgent) or a hardware-installed IPMI 2.0 interface, the remote management is technically realized. Both solutions support KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) functions. However, IPMI compatible devices have the advantage that they can also be addressed when they are switched off or in BIOS mode. For troubleshooting and maintenance purposes, all performed actions via KVM can be recorded and played back. For fault messages extensive notification, analysis and logging tools can be used. Performance thresholds trigger for instance E-mail notifications. The QRM+ access to enterprise-critical servers is protected by separate user accounts, individual user rights and a secure connection. ICP offers with the QRM+ a free and intuitive add-on, which is already, included in the scope of supply of the new Cloud-based IPC QGW series.

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