Cactus Technologies at embedded world 2018: pSLC flash drives - M.2 cards in two form factors

February 20, 2018 ECD Staff
M.2 pSLC NAND flash drive
M.2 pSLC NAND flash drive

The storage media manufacturer Cactus Technologies is expanding its 245S series on time for embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg. Its pSLC systems (Pseudo Single-Level Cell) are being released as M.2 cards in the form factor 2245.

Cactus Technologies previously only offered the form factor 2260 (22x60 mm), but the smaller 2242 version (22x4 mm) is becoming increasingly popular among original equipment manufacturers in the field of industrial automation. According to Karl Kleemann, Sales Manager at Cactus Technologies, “The new pSLC storage systems are a direct reaction to customer demand.” Cactus is confident that sales of its 245S series, which was launched a year ago, will increase over the course of the next month.

The 245S series is based on the Pseudo Single-Level Cell (pSLC) technology. In pSLC flash storage systems, the Multi-Level Cell (MLC)-NAND cells only store one bit instead of the usual two bits, similar to a Single-Level Cell (SLC) flash cell. The pSLC technology makes MLC flash storage faster and more durable. It also increases the number of writes per flash cell – the so-called “write endurance” – considerably. The memory devices in the 245S series offer six times more writes than comparable MLC systems.

The new pSLC storage systems are available from the official distributor, Syslogic, in Germany. In addition to the two M.2 cards, the form factors SD card, CFast and 2.5” disc are available. Said Florian Egger, Sales Manager at Syslogic, “The Cactus pSLC storage systems are perfect for all industrial customers looking for durable solid-state drives at a reasonable price.”

Cactus Technologies M.2 245S series

  • Form factor: M.2 2260 and 2242

  • Capacity: 4 GB to 128 GB

  • Temperature range: 0 to +70 degrees Celsius

  • Expanded temperature range: –40 to +85 degrees Celsius (optional)

  • Continuous read speed: 540 MB/s

  • Continuous write speed: 450 MB/s

  • Warranty: 2 years

Visit Cactus Technologies at embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg from 27 February to 1 March 2018, hall 2, booth 251.

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