ANSI and VITA ratify ANSI/VITA 48.4 Liquid Flow Through VPX Plug-In Module Standard

July 26, 2018 VITA

VITA, the trade association for standard computing architectures serving critical and intelligent embedded computing systems markets, announces the ratification by ANSI and VITA of ANSI/VITA 48.4-2018 “Liquid Flow Through VPX Plug-In Module Standard”. This standard has completed the VITA and ANSI processes reaching full recognition under guidance of VITA. This is the first VITA standard to define a liquid cooling method for plug-in backplane modules.

“In the world of open systems architecture, we frequently see requirements for increased processing throughput and the resulting high-power dissipation where standard cooling methods such as conduction and air cooling are no longer effective,” stated Christal Sumner, VITA 48.4 working group chair and principal mechanical engineer at Raytheon Company. “The VITA 48.4 (Liquid Flow Through VPX Plug-In Module) standard provides a cost-effective solution for the challenging thermal applications of today and into the future, opening the way for state-of-the-art open systems design.”

The ANSI/ VITA 48.4-2018 standard establishes the mechanical design, interface control, outline and mounting requirements to ensure the mechanical intermateability of 6U VPX liquid-flow-through cooled plug-in modules within associated sub-racks. The modules use liquid flowing through an integral heatsink of the module for cooling the electronic components and circuit boards. Quick disconnect coupling assemblies allow fluidic coupling to the chassis coolant manifold.

Copies of the standard are available for purchase at the VITA Online Shop (

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