AbraxSys releases line of 18.5" 1080P touch screen panel computers

March 21, 2018 ECD Staff
18.5 inch Panel PC
18.5 inch Panel PC

AbraxSys announced recently the release of a new series of 18.5” rugged panel mountable touchscreen computers. These computer models meet a growing demand for higher performance panel PCs than typically available through other industry suppliers. This series of rugged Panel PCs are the ultimate solution for industrial embedded computing and are ideally suited for harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, splashing water, hose directed spray, and various other caustic contaminants like oil, chemicals, etc. are commonplace. This extremely robust advanced series features Standard: 6th Generation Intel Core SoC i7 or i5 BGA Processor (i5-6300U, 2-Core, 2.4GHz | Optional: i7-6600U, 2-Core, 2.6GHz), 240GB Solid-State Drive (higher capacity available), 8GB memory (expandable to 32GB), a vast array of I/O and Ethernet ports, Intel’s Skylake graphics chipset, solid-state long-life LED backlighting, solid-state storage devices, and exceptional temperature ranges: Operating Temperature: -10° to 60°C (14°F to 140°F), Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 75°C (-40°F ~ 167°F).

As well, a multitude of add-on features are available to meet our customer's specific requirements. This series of very rugged LCD monitors are designed to operate in harsh areas where dust, water intrusion, high operational and/or storage temperatures, and rough use are commonplace. These 18.5” model are state-of- the-art, built with true industrial-grade components to various industrial quality standards. This results in amazingly bright, crystal-clear images. This series of rugged monitors is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial, law enforcement, aviation, marine, military, inspection, advertising and transportation applications where 24/7/365 usage is necessary and where temperatures can reach exceptionally high. These units can be custom-modified to meet your specific needs and can be private-labeled with your company name, logo and model number.

Features of the new modules are as follows:

1920 x 1080 (FHD 1080P) Resolution

350 nits (cd/m2) Brightness or 1000 nits Sunlight Readability

6th Generation Intel Core SoC i7 or i5 BGA Processor

8GB memory (expandable to 32GB)

240GB Solid-State Drive (higher capacity available)

Intel’s Skylake graphics chipset

A vast array of I/O and Ethernet ports

Exceptional contrast ratios for improved imaging in any ambient light environment

Constructed of high Grade Aluminum and have been which has been Zinc-Chromate Dipped and finished with a Corrosion Resistant Thermoset UV-stable Black Powder-Coating

Super-wide viewing angles, high brightness/contrast and vivid color

Market-leading operational temperature range -10° to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)

Market-leading storage temperature range -40°C ~ 75°C (-40°F ~ 167°F)

Long-life, inverter-less backlight through use of white light-emitting diodes (LED)

LED backlight has a typical operating life of 100,000 hours half-life

Engineered and Produced in the USA

Various other mechanical configurations such as Panel Mount are coming soon

Environmental awareness: Mercury-free and fully compliant with Europe's Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

3-Year Warranty

The company is a worldwide leader of Industrial, Rail type, Military grade, and Marine type LCD Flat Panel Displays, Panel PC, Sunlight & Daylight Readable Technology, Fully-Enclosed Touch Screen Computers and Workstations.

AbraxSys Corporation

Lahaska, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Toll-Free (800)883-9050

International 001.215.794.7272 or 001.225.620.5354

Information: info@abraxsyscorp.com


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