RTI integrates IIC layered databus, DDS Security in Connext DDS 5.3

September 13, 2017 ECD Staff

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has released RTI Connext DDS 5.3, which it claims is the first connectivity software designed to build layered databus architectures for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. Connext DDS 5.3 leveraged the layered databus pattern identified in the Industrial Internet Consortium’s (IIC’s) Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA), while also delivering interoperability.

RTI’s Connext DDS 5.3 is based on the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard, and supports the recently finalized DDS Security standard. Connext DDS 5.3 will interoperate with all future Connext DDS versions and other DDS Security implementations, enabling plug-and-play, future proof IIoT system deployment.

“With the introduction of Connext DDS 5.3, we are making it easier for developers to ensure their systems can handle the complex performance and scalability requirements of the Industrial IoT, while integrating the level of security necessary for critical applications,” says David Barnett, vice president of products and markets at RTI. “This reduces costs for our customers by simplifying development and integration. At the same time, it also enables interoperability in the greater IIoT market.”

Connext DDS 5.3 also provides the ability to request and receive historical data as efficiently as live data, as well as filter for specific content to prevent network bandwidth from flooding.

In addition, the Connext DDS 5.3 middleware enables mobility solutions by allowing devices to automatically and securely relocate and reauthenticate to maintain uninterrupted connectivity whenever a network address changes.

Developers interested in Connext DDS 5.3 can take advantage of the Connext DDS connectivity framework, SDK, tools, and runtime services, as well as the new RTI Web Integration Service, RTI Gateway Tookit, and RTI Administration Console.

The Connext DDS 5.3 Product Suite is immediately available. More information can be found at www.rti.com/products/dds.


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