Powercast OTA RF Power Transmitters Approved by FCC

July 29, 2019 Brandon Lewis

Powercast Corp.’s long-range RF-based over-the-air wireless power technology has received three new FCC certifications, bringing the company’s total number of FCC approvals to seven. The most recent certifications add retail applications to existing approvals in commercial, consumer, and industrial environments, which enable far-field OTA charging of multiple devices without range limitations or line of sight requirements.

Powercast’s PowerSpot and Powercaster far-field transmitters now fall under FCC Part 18, which specifies products that deliver continuous power to devices within a coverage area that is similar to Wi-Fi. The RF wireless power transmitters can power devices up to 80 feet away with up to 1 W of power, and leverage the 915 MHz ISM band to power devices equipped with a Powerharvester receiver chip. The energy harvested over the air is then converted to DC for direct charging or battery recharging.

Powercasts’s FCC-certified transmitters are available now from $99.

More information can be found at www.powercastco.com.

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