Built Like a TANK! Aertight Systems, Inc. Releases a Revolutionary New Wall-Mount

August 21, 2019 Aertight Systems, Inc.

MILLERSVILLE, MD 7/22/2019- Aertight Systems, Inc.announces the AERTIGHT™ Server Platform, its new line of rugged, all-in-one Microsoft Windows Servers.

"Our server replaces rack and tower servers with a rugged, wall-mount server that's built like a tank."" said Gordon Triplett, President. "The server hardware that is currently being used to run some of our most critical infrastructure is not suited for the environment it's in. Instead, we need secure, reliable server hardware with practical features which can be maintained and controlled locally. Rack and tower servers are often full of fans, mechanical hard drives, and require both conditioned areas and a lot of maintenance to avoid failure. Alternatively, Cloud Computing isn't a great option for industrial and remote facilities because outside network connections can be a security risk. If the cloud server goes down, operators could potentially lose control over their own equipment. Aertight's patent pending design combines security with modular, field replaceable components that provide a simple platform for engineers to host their applications and run virtual servers. The Aertight Server Platform is a total game-changer for facility server resources."


Secure: Wall-mount, 16-gauge steel exterior, combo lock door, water resistant, with no exterior exposed USB or network ports, and 16x14x12 inches.

Reliable: Fan-less, industrial grade parts, nearly silent, no moving parts, low power consumption (under 100 Watts), and up to 6 removable SSD hard drives.

Practical: Embedded Touchscreen, Toolless Modular Interior Parts (Motherboard/CPU, Hard Drives, Power Supply, and Monitor are all swappable), AC or DC Power, and a TPM 2.0 Hardware Encryption Module.

Failover Redundancy Options: Two units can be paired together for redundancy of virtual machines with ONLY two crossover ethernet cables between them. No SANs, switches, or other network gear are required between the two servers.

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