Osram Introduces Fluence Horticultural LED Lighting Solutions to Europe

June 21, 2019 Alix Paultre

Fluence by Osram LED horticultural lighting has been launched in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to help growers produce the best crops possible. The move follows Osram’s acquisition last year of Fluence Bioengineering, a supplier of LED lighting for commercial crop production and research applications.

“The latest generation of LEDs are energy efficient and are ready to replace traditional lighting, as they produce equal or better-quality crops,” said David Cohen, Fluence by Osram’s chief executive officer. “Today, aspects of quality such as appearance, flavor and shelf-life are decisive factors influencing buyers of plants and produce in their choice of supplier. Fluence is pioneering the use of full-spectrum LED lighting to enable growers to produce high-quality crops.”

Timo Bongartz, general manager of Fluence by Osram leading the EMEA team, said: “The Fluence by Osram brand combines the reliability and global reach of Osram with the agile and innovative product portfolio of Fluence, to address the unique needs of European growers and researchers when it comes to major concerns such as seasonality, plant uniformity and consistency.”

Fluence’s staple full-spectrum LED lighting systems provide specific advantages over traditional horticultural lighting in greenhouse and multi-layer cultivation. "We grow plants faster with Fluence lighting during the winter months and achieve a finished product quality that exceeds everything we have seen before," said Bjorn Isaacson, owner of Hällnäs Handelsträdgård, a grower of potted herbs and leafy greens, bedding and pot plants just south of the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden. "Our head grower wanted to produce tastier herbs and greens containing more flavor compounds, and by following this path, we have created completely new products, unique from what we offered before."

ECF Farmsystems from Berlin, an urban aquaponics innovator, installed a Fluence vertical farm solution: "Working with Fluence by Osram's team we began propagating our young basil plants in a multi-layer configuration, which cuts the risk of pests or diseases being brought into the unit," said Nicolas Leschke, CEO of ECF Farmsystems. "It also resulted in shorter cycle times and, with that, increased production."

In the USA, Fluence is a market leader in LED lighting for the medical cannabis market. As the European Union defines how the medicinal cannabis industry will comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Fluence solutions are engineered with GMP and GACP compliance practices in mind.

Learn more at www.fluence.science and www.osram.com.

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