ZF coPILOT Aids Improved Safety and Driving Comfort

April 15, 2019 Laura Dolan

Friedrichshafen/Shanghai. ZF is launching its ZF coPILOT, an intelligent advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) yielding enhanced safety and driving comfort opportunities.

With the power of AI and complete sensor set, vehicles can function automatically, especially on freeways.

Other features of the ZF coPILOT include:

  • Operated with voice commands
  • Designed to detect traffic conditions, sense vehicle handling and monitor the driver, preventing hazardous situations through active control intervention
  • Powered by the ZF ProAI central computer and the NVIDIA DRIVE platform
  • Equipped with sensors and functions that monitor the driver and can activate warnings during dangerous situations

The demonstration vehicle has a front radar, four corner radars, and a total of eight cameras, comprising its sensor set. Two cameras point forward and one backward, two are also incorporated into each side mirror and one monitors the driver.

The ZF ProAI Gen2 central computer has an NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier processor at its core that powers ZF copilot and is responsible for analyzing data collected and processed in real time.

“The ZF coPILOT is equipped with artificial intelligence, a 360° sensor set, the powerful ZF ProAI central computer and NVIDIAs DRIVE platform, thus offering driving and safety functions that surpass the performance of a regular Level 2 system for semi-automated driving. This enables us to achieve an improved quality in semi-automated driving,” said ZF’s Head of Autonomous Mobility Solutions, Torsten Gollewski.

To see how the ZF copilot works, check out the video below:

For more information, visit www.zf.com

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