UltraSoC to Present Extended Embedded Analytics Architecture at embedded world

February 15, 2019 Laura Dolan

UltraSoC will extend its embedded analytics architecture, allowing designers and developers in the automotive, storage and high performance computing industries the ability to build on-chip monitoring and analytics systems with up to 65,000 elements.

The new UltraSoC architecture can monitor an infinite amount of internal building blocks that comprise the most complex SoC products and enable artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies required in leading edge applications such as driverless cars.

The new architecture’s capabilities can be applied to all parts of the system where designers can deploy tens of thousands of monitoring and analytics modules within a single infrastructure. UltraSoC will improve the development endeavor for next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence applications by providing an integrated, coherent analysis of the system’s functionality, and making room for innovative product features such as hardware-based security and safety.

“Our solutions are unique in the market in their ability to deal with multiple heterogeneous processors, standard and proprietary bus structures and even custom logic,” said Rupert Baines, UltraSoC’s CEO. “This dramatic extension of our architecture takes us even further ahead of traditional solutions – both in the debug and development arena, and in allowing our customers to incorporate in-life monitoring capabilities to ensure security, functional safety and real-world performance optimization.”

UltraSoC will be appearing at embedded world in Booth 3A-536 from February 26-28 in Nuremberg, Germany.

For more information, please visit www.ultrasoc.com.

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