Saudi IoT Redefines Technology

February 27, 2019 Katelyn Albani

RIYADH, SB. ROBOT customer services, smart car rental applications and next generation software testing services were highlighted at Saudi Arabia’s IoT conference at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center from February 13-20.

Saudi IoT stems from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which considers internet technology integral to the country’s development and calls for smarter, more efficient ways of doing business. Recent economic reports have revealed that the expected volume of internet investments in the Kingdom will be USD 5 billion by 2020, while the amount of artificial intelligence-related smart devices around the world will amount to 200 billion.

The Kingdom will also witness access to smarter and more sophisticated devices in the years to come, requiring relentless efforts to protect the vast amount of data transmitted through the network. 

Examples on display at the exhibition included:

  • Saudi-based solutions such as IDRIVE
  • the Test CREW
  • robotic chatbot

“The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is making large leaps forward with its partners,” said Haitham Al-Ohali, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology. “Saudi Arabia’s technological and digital role has grown, and the country has become one of the fastest-rising countries in the United Nations’ rankings for the communication and information technology sectors.”

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